Real Estate AgentJanice Sangster-Phalen

Janice has been  a Realtor since 2003.  She is known for her hard work and creative ideas.  Not wanting to rest on traditional real estate ideas, she tries to incorporate “high tech, high touch” into her listing strategies.

Our vision

“To provide and delight a client with the best possible service, response and ideas.”

Why the name Diablo Meridian?

Ever wonder how your property corners were initially established? Just look to the top of Mount Diablo for the answer.
Mount Diablo is the starting point for the establishment of land boundaries throughout most of Northern California and all of Nevada. The summit is the location of the “Initial Point,” the north/south meridian, and east/west baseline intersection point that is the basis for most property boundaries.   more

Diablo Meridian Realty provides excellent personalized client services while placing the client’s objectives and goals first and foremost!  Technology is working to find the best tools to help locate commercial property and service listings.  In everything we do, we fully cooperate with the brokerage community.  All listings are put on every service that we subscribe to as fast as possible.  Reaching out to the brokerage community drives the best visibility for our listings!

Department of Real Estate License number 01351217.  Always check your contractor, real estate, financial & others licenses on the State of California websites.  For example, you can Google “California Real Estate License” and get the website for the Department of Real Estate in California and check a licensee.